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For SaaS

Yo! Busy-building your product and tired of managing unreliable copywriters, ”SEO Experts”, and getting ideas for the next blog post?
We have something for you — an automated full-funnel blog content production service for SaaS products. Intrigued?
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For Agencies

Have clients and need to serve content for them? We can produce it for you! Save time and money by outsourcing content production using us as a white-label service.
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The old-fashion human labor. Listen, we got you. We don't hire AI to get the job done. This one and all other our copies have been and will be written by a living being. AI can't be that cool! Yet.

How it works

We dig deep to understand your product and your customer's needs same as you.
Hope you into it. Otherwise, that does not make any sense.

1. Building a 3-month content plan:

You get a project manager, aka "SEO Expert", who will be responsible for technical and keyword research of all your articles. He will create the architecture of each article. His structure. His soul. And it takes about 1 week for 12 articles.

2. Then we start writing:

You have a dedicated copywriter here. He/she will deliver drafts each 3-5 days, while you enjoy unlimited revisions and keep building your product.

3. Ready to Rumble:

The article is ready. After the final approval, we can post it directly to your CMS. And we can manage to get you some backlinks from legit websites with a DR 40+. Thats easy.

I am in love how you are Productizing the service of blog writing man!
Sourabh Yadav
Sourabh Yadav, Qoulomb
Damn dude, I love the business model you are going for

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4 articles a month

1,000 - 1,500 words per article on average
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1 article to try us. No long commitment, no risks.

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5 days delivery
Tech research
Keywords research
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Just ideal plan. Make sure to book a call before subscribing.

Billed $2519 each 3 month
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What's included:
Tech research
Keywords research
Unlimited Revisions
Dedicated copywriter
3 month content strategy

Save 20% a year. Good predictable deal.

Billed $8639 annually
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What's included:
Tech research
Keywords research
Unlimited Revisions
Dedicated copywriter
3 month content strategy



All typos were made on purpose. Until they don't.
If the price does't suit you — let us know. We can raise it.
Are you running a SaaS?
If yes, I'm sure we can save you 24 hours a month you spend on managing and researching content ideas(hope you don't write by yourself). As we do for our 9 clients. Want to know more?